Monday, 17 September 2007

Here we are, the future Ubuntu LTS version will be the Hardy Heron !

According to Jono Bacon's Blog, the Ubuntu Community Manager, the next LTS release of Ubuntu (the future 8.04) will be the Hardy Heron. Let's make it the best version ever done by us, to progress in the bug #1 solving ! Each version is such a great challenge that the community raises each time... The next will surely be one of the greatest, with KDE 4 (but not by default, in universe though), and some new GNOME technologies, and maybe some surprises from the Telepathy developers (VOIP and file transfert in empathy). Such great things that we all waiting for... Let's finish the Gutsy Gibbon and then make the Heron fly !


Anonymous said...

*Ubuntu Community Manager* not *Leader*.

sparanoid said...

If by "with KDE 4" you mean a beta version, then yes. The KDE team has postponed the release date up until December.

Martin "mhb" Böhm said...

I don't want to upset you much, but the next version of (K)ubuntu will not come with KDE4 as default.

The reason? It is a LTS, and we cannot ship KDE4.0 (which is still not complete and won't be until December, if not delayed again), support it for 3 years and sleep well at night.

KDE4 will be available in universe, though. Let's all hope it will be usable by Hardy.

kalon33 said...

Sorry for mistakes or approximations or some things I didn't precise enough. I've now corrected it. Thanks for your precisions.