Friday, 25 April 2008

Cooking a new party in Bordeaux... (3) : The final touch

Now that the new and amazing Hardy Heron (aka Ubuntu 8.04 LTS) is out, this also means for us that the Hardy Release Party is imminent. More precisely, it's tomorrow ;) Since a few days, we (the Giroll) are planning the last details which could turn it in a really successful event. The base install scheme to apply, the way we will be spread to welcome people better, contents of the webradio during the party and the presentation, filling a contact sheet for each visitor to be sure he/she found all she/he wanted to find and got all the replies to her/his questions, we really have discussed of a lot of things! And tomorrow... it will be the day we will know if all will rock ;)

To access the webradio (in french) to follow the event during this day, ending by a talk from 7pm to 9pm (GMT, that is to say 9pm to 11pm local time), you can enter the following link in your favorite audio stream reader : . You can contribute to the talk (in french), give some ideas, encouragement or experiences (in french, but in english too) by calling +33581314334 (price of a normal call to a french geographical number) and typing 1 to contact an operator, 2 to leave a message, and by tying 3 you can listen to the radio too.

Lets the whole party rock !

Monday, 7 April 2008

Cooking a new party in Bordeaux... (2) : The Programme !

Hello all,

A new step had been passed with the organisation of the Hardy Party in Bordeaux. We now have a programme !

Here is the way the day will be planned :

- 10am : Starting of the feast, special games and coffee
- 12:00 : Sharing free recipes
- 2pm : Upload of the recipes on the Giroll website (
- 2:30pm : Presentation of the Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy" news by Nicolas Derive (aka Kalon33) and kick start to the install party
- 4pm : Crêpes (pancakes) party
- 7pm : Official end of the Party
- 7:30pm : Opening the evening by integrating new Girollians ^^

Find the programme in french here