Sunday, 9 November 2008

A step to a new party : the rebirth of the Giroll's webradio

The Giroll Radio, which came to you short before the Hardy Party (and the Hardy release), is now back online. You can reuse the link in VLC, Rhythmbox, Amarok or your favorite music player (maybe Exaile ?) to fill in your ears with some great free music... before the D-day, the day of our Intrepid Ibex party. If you don't want to listen it on your computer, try the phone !! Call our line +33581314334 and press 3.
For this party, we will repeat the stuff we did 6 months ago, trying to do better, with more talks, more replies to your questions and more people ! Thanks to our rocking webmaster Antoine which gives us more and more surprises... See here if you don't believe me ;) So remember : we will come back on November, Saturday 22nd. And we will do even better.

Soon another piece of our news before the party... ;)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

We have a day, we have a poster, we will have a new Party !!

It's not very usual for us to take so long after a new Ubuntu version is out to do a party, but this time, lots of things came to move it to november. We hope you will come though! We have a new rocking poster:

Translated from the french, we can resume this as :

A new party for the Intrepid Ibex will take place at the Saint Pierre animation centre in Bordeaux (4, rue du Mulet) from 10am to 20pm (and later!). The program is :

- Welcome Coffee
- Games and discussions
- Libre Lunch (Libre as in "software libre")
- Giroll Radio
- New into Ubuntu 8.10
- Install party
- Ubuntu Demos
- And so much more...

For more information, let us a message at +33581314334 or at contact at giroll point org