Sunday, 5 October 2008

Giroll is back with a lot of new stuff to prepare : help with SLM (aka RMLL) and organizing a new party for intrepid !

Hello Folks !

We're back ! A new install party is on the stuff list...
For early november (the 2nd or the 3rd saturday), we're planning a new install party !!
And we're researching some people to help us dealing with this ! So if you have some ideas about animations to prepare or just want to give a bit of your time for preparing and for the D day, you're welcome ! Games are already planned, a lunch for midday, and the return of the Giroll's Radio ! But some other ideas have been given, so we're also working on this !

And to keep the best for the end, we are working nowadays with the ABUL on the file for the RMLL 2010 bid of Bordeaux ;)

This is the end of this post... but there will be new ones soon ;) (even if I'm without internet connection for at least half of a week...)