Saturday, 29 March 2008

Cooking a new party in Bordeaux...

Hello All ! The Giroll is planning a new Ubuntu Party Event !!

Saturday, April 26th will be the day of this event. Two days after Hardy will be hopefully released, we're planning all the goodness of the previous Party we made for Gutsy, but with the experience we got from it, making us to plan to do more things this time. For instance, we are discussing about presenting all the new features of Hardy before beginning the install part of this festive day, and making a bigger place for the Frets on Fire game and talks about Ubuntu and its derivatives.

The organization of this event is just beginning, so I can't give you lots of details. But if you want to be involved with this, mail us at contact_at_giroll_dot_org, of mail me directly, getting my mail from the launchpad (see at user kalon33). If you can come to Bordeaux easily, come on one (or more !) of the Thursdays before this event (the earlier will be the better if you want to discuss about main decisions and help us to plan different parts of this event) from 6pm to 8:30pm, at the ECM (Centre d'animation St-Pierre). Thanks by advance for the help you could give to us planning this, we would be very happy to welcome you and we need you to make it really really rock !!

More details about this event will come soon :)

Click here to view a post in french about this Party