Thursday, 6 November 2008

We have a day, we have a poster, we will have a new Party !!

It's not very usual for us to take so long after a new Ubuntu version is out to do a party, but this time, lots of things came to move it to november. We hope you will come though! We have a new rocking poster:

Translated from the french, we can resume this as :

A new party for the Intrepid Ibex will take place at the Saint Pierre animation centre in Bordeaux (4, rue du Mulet) from 10am to 20pm (and later!). The program is :

- Welcome Coffee
- Games and discussions
- Libre Lunch (Libre as in "software libre")
- Giroll Radio
- New into Ubuntu 8.10
- Install party
- Ubuntu Demos
- And so much more...

For more information, let us a message at +33581314334 or at contact at giroll point org

1 comment:

Joe Smith said...

Dude, sweet poster!

I hope you guys have a great time :-D