Tuesday 5 May 2009

The Way to a new Ubuntu party for the Jaunty Jackalope

A new party is cooking at Bordeaux on May 23rd ! For the fifth edition, this time helped by the ABUL, The Giroll lug perpetuates the tradition of cheerfulness which has made the reputation of its parties. It's also the time to be a little bit more ambitious, a little bit more one year before the Software Libre Meeting (a.k.a. RMLL) 2010 which will be held in our nice town of Bordeaux. In fact, this time we hope doing more stuff like Ubuntu discovery, Gaming using Linux... But keeping our webradio (see previous posts), our Free lunch (free as "Libre", as we also share cooking recipes of the meals we share at this lunch) and our Install Party. As usual, it starts around 10am at the ECM Saint-Pierre and will finish a bit late (last time, at the public radio show, we finished at 2am... ;)). Conferences will be also organised by our partner ABUL at the Utopia Cinemas (100m from the ECM) the first one at 2pm and the second one at 3.30pm, about the Software Libre issues and consequences. The expended programme will be:

  • 10am: Welcome coffee for the early morning enthousiasts
  • noon: Free Lunch, bring one or more of your meals and recipes to share them with us !
  • 2pm: Conference: les enjeux du logiciel libre (in french) by Pierre Jarillon at cinéma Utopia
  • 3.30pm: Conference: les enjeux du logiciel libre (in french) by Pierre Jarillon at cinéma Utopia
  • 4.30pm: Conference: Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) News by Nicolas Derive (kalon33, me ^^)
  • 6.30pm: Start of the Radio-Giroll Show in live and in public.
  • All the day (10am-8pm or more): Install Party, Animations about Ubuntu discovery and Gaming, and some more depending on people expectations.
We're hoping you will attend !!

For more information, call or let us a message at +33581314334 or mail us at contact at giroll dot org

French announcements are available here and there (Thanks to Ephase and ABUL)
Artwork from the poster (designed by Ephase) is available here under Creative-Commons 3.0 by-Sa license. Please let us a comment and a link if you use it :)

Sunday 9 November 2008

A step to a new party : the rebirth of the Giroll's webradio

The Giroll Radio, which came to you short before the Hardy Party (and the Hardy release), is now back online. You can reuse the link http://radio.giroll.org:8000/ in VLC, Rhythmbox, Amarok or your favorite music player (maybe Exaile ?) to fill in your ears with some great free music... before the D-day, the day of our Intrepid Ibex party. If you don't want to listen it on your computer, try the phone !! Call our line +33581314334 and press 3.
For this party, we will repeat the stuff we did 6 months ago, trying to do better, with more talks, more replies to your questions and more people ! Thanks to our rocking webmaster Antoine which gives us more and more surprises... See here if you don't believe me ;) So remember : we will come back on November, Saturday 22nd. And we will do even better.

Soon another piece of our news before the party... ;)

Thursday 6 November 2008

We have a day, we have a poster, we will have a new Party !!

It's not very usual for us to take so long after a new Ubuntu version is out to do a party, but this time, lots of things came to move it to november. We hope you will come though! We have a new rocking poster:

Translated from the french, we can resume this as :

A new party for the Intrepid Ibex will take place at the Saint Pierre animation centre in Bordeaux (4, rue du Mulet) from 10am to 20pm (and later!). The program is :

- Welcome Coffee
- Games and discussions
- Libre Lunch (Libre as in "software libre")
- Giroll Radio
- New into Ubuntu 8.10
- Install party
- Ubuntu Demos
- And so much more...

For more information, let us a message at +33581314334 or at contact at giroll point org

Sunday 5 October 2008

Giroll is back with a lot of new stuff to prepare : help with SLM (aka RMLL) and organizing a new party for intrepid !

Hello Folks !

We're back ! A new install party is on the stuff list...
For early november (the 2nd or the 3rd saturday), we're planning a new install party !!
And we're researching some people to help us dealing with this ! So if you have some ideas about animations to prepare or just want to give a bit of your time for preparing and for the D day, you're welcome ! Games are already planned, a lunch for midday, and the return of the Giroll's Radio ! But some other ideas have been given, so we're also working on this !

And to keep the best for the end, we are working nowadays with the ABUL on the file for the RMLL 2010 bid of Bordeaux ;)

This is the end of this post... but there will be new ones soon ;) (even if I'm without internet connection for at least half of a week...)

Friday 25 April 2008

Cooking a new party in Bordeaux... (3) : The final touch

Now that the new and amazing Hardy Heron (aka Ubuntu 8.04 LTS) is out, this also means for us that the Hardy Release Party is imminent. More precisely, it's tomorrow ;) Since a few days, we (the Giroll) are planning the last details which could turn it in a really successful event. The base install scheme to apply, the way we will be spread to welcome people better, contents of the webradio during the party and the presentation, filling a contact sheet for each visitor to be sure he/she found all she/he wanted to find and got all the replies to her/his questions, we really have discussed of a lot of things! And tomorrow... it will be the day we will know if all will rock ;)

To access the webradio (in french) to follow the event during this day, ending by a talk from 7pm to 9pm (GMT, that is to say 9pm to 11pm local time), you can enter the following link in your favorite audio stream reader : http://radio.giroll.org:8000/ . You can contribute to the talk (in french), give some ideas, encouragement or experiences (in french, but in english too) by calling +33581314334 (price of a normal call to a french geographical number) and typing 1 to contact an operator, 2 to leave a message, and by tying 3 you can listen to the radio too.

Lets the whole party rock !

Monday 7 April 2008

Cooking a new party in Bordeaux... (2) : The Programme !

Hello all,

A new step had been passed with the organisation of the Hardy Party in Bordeaux. We now have a programme !

Here is the way the day will be planned :

- 10am : Starting of the feast, special games and coffee
- 12:00 : Sharing free recipes
- 2pm : Upload of the recipes on the Giroll website (http://giroll.org)
- 2:30pm : Presentation of the Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy" news by Nicolas Derive (aka Kalon33) and kick start to the install party
- 4pm : Crêpes (pancakes) party
- 7pm : Official end of the Party
- 7:30pm : Opening the evening by integrating new Girollians ^^

Find the programme in french here

Saturday 29 March 2008

Cooking a new party in Bordeaux...

Hello All ! The Giroll is planning a new Ubuntu Party Event !!

Saturday, April 26th will be the day of this event. Two days after Hardy will be hopefully released, we're planning all the goodness of the previous Party we made for Gutsy, but with the experience we got from it, making us to plan to do more things this time. For instance, we are discussing about presenting all the new features of Hardy before beginning the install part of this festive day, and making a bigger place for the Frets on Fire game and talks about Ubuntu and its derivatives.

The organization of this event is just beginning, so I can't give you lots of details. But if you want to be involved with this, mail us at contact_at_giroll_dot_org, of mail me directly, getting my mail from the launchpad (see at user kalon33). If you can come to Bordeaux easily, come on one (or more !) of the Thursdays before this event (the earlier will be the better if you want to discuss about main decisions and help us to plan different parts of this event) from 6pm to 8:30pm, at the ECM (Centre d'animation St-Pierre). Thanks by advance for the help you could give to us planning this, we would be very happy to welcome you and we need you to make it really really rock !!

More details about this event will come soon :)

Click here to view a post in french about this Party